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We even offer not for profit clients free web design!

Some FAQs

Q: I am finding it difficult to manage our website. What can I do?
: We know that very many people struggle with their web site for a number of reasons. This is where we come in so read on please!

QI don’t know how to update it or make it more relevant to what I really need. Who can I turn to?
A: Site design is one thing. Doing something constructive with it is very different. We can help.

Q:I am far too busy and have no time to think or to plan. How can I cope?
: Running a business or organisation with all the strains and pressures is difficult, without having to deal with nitty-gritty things like your website. Let us take the strain!

QAnd what is the SOLUTION for me?
: Talk to us. We really do provide a helping hand- sometimes for free! All the information you need can be found on these pages. Just follow the menu links.

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